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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm a little behind the times this week...was too busy watching it all unfold, Marriage Equality, Keep it 18, Waitangi Tribunal report, all of which have been extensively covered. 

So what am I going to rant about? Driving. 

In no particular order the following things deserve a mention: 

1. Pulling out past the yellow lines at a stop sign - you want me to take out the front of your car? 
2. Changing lanes without indicating - you're lucky I was paying attention, unlike you who appeared to be on your phone. 
3. Driving 40km in a 50km zone then driving 70km in a 60km - spastic logic and did you not see the speed camera? 
4. Not merging like a zip - why because you're one car in front of me that means you'll get to your destination how much quicker, really? and I cannot stress this enough really irritating. 
5. Slow starts on green lights - honestly, if you're not paying attention to the traffic lights then are you sure you should be on the road? or do you treat traffic lights as a snooze button and my beeping as your final alarm, just saying. 
6. Not staying in your lane - yes you big freaking bus, stay in your lane and if you want to change then indicate and check your wing mirrors. Near miss. 
7. Tailgating - so unnecessary. You drive up the butt of my car and I will ensure that you endure an even more frustrating journey. 
8. Right turning traffic - c'mon the law has changed. We all know now you give way to left turning traffic, so don't give me your growly face old man when you nearly ram my car and you're in the wrong. 
9. Treating Stop signs as Give way signs on a busy road - you must bring your vehicle to a complete stop, I know, I've been ticketed for this, you came really close to messing up someones morning. 
10. Not allowing a vehicle to move into your lane - despite their efforts at indicating for quite some time. Really? will it interrupt your flow to such an extent that there is no way you could be a courteous driver and let them in. 
11. Using the flush median to edge your way up the Pakuranga Highway and then back into the line of traffic  during peak hour - what a wanker. 

There are so many more things that are frustrating. Feel free to add your driving peeves to the comments section. 

Overall, my gripe for the week was the extreme lack of knowledge of the general road rules and a lack of common courtesy.