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Friday, November 30, 2012

Murray McCully on Gaza

Dear Murray McCully, 
You are an arse. Here is the statement you made:
"In our explanation of vote to the UN our Permanent Representative Hon Jim McLay will make clear our absolute commitment to Israel's right to safety and security, and condemn the actions of Hamas extremists in recent weeks"

Thanks for propagating the Israeli/US lies. Thanks for making a commitment on behalf of NZ to support Israeli apartheid. Thanks for denouncing a democratically elected government, you know, one voted in by the people of Gaza. But most of all, thanks for the expression of your absolute commitment to the rights of Israel to defend itself by targeting and killing civilians including many many women and children. Thanks for that Murray. What a c**t. 

How about considering that it was Gaza who had a right to defend themselves from the Israeli attacks. How about acknowledging the war crimes committed by the Israeli government in targeting civilians and journalists with 'surgical precision' and using weapons banned under international law.  

Naming of the dead by Harry Fear -

An article outlining why McCully is an arse for condemning Hamas's right to defend Gaza: